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There are many Texans who unfortunately find themselves involved in personal injury accidents. Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. No one is safe from accidents. According to the 2014 Travis County Injury Assessment Report, accidents are the third leading cause of premature death in Texas after heart disease and malignant neoplasms. In 2011 in Travis County, fatalities due to accidents broke down as follows:

While often times, we have little to no control over when we are involved in an accident, we do have some control over whether we can obtain financial compensation after the accident has happened. When you or a loved one has been injured or killed by the fault, wrongful conduct, or negligence of another, you need to speak with an experienced Austin personal injury lawyer.

When You Are Injured: What To Do

When you are involved in a personal injury accident, one of the first things you need to do is look after yourself. You need to get the medical treatment necessary to help you get yourself on the road to recovery from your injuries as soon as possible. Once you are able to after receiving medical treatment, you should waste no time in contacting a personal injury lawyer, like the professionals at Buford & Gonzalez.

An Austin personal injury lawyer will get to work on your case right away, by:

Your personal injury lawyer should understand the tough things you are going through after an accident, and should want to help you try to obtain the maximum amount of recovery possible from those who are liable for causing your harm.

At Buford & Gonzalez our clients are important to us and we are dedicated to seeing our clients obtain a successful resolution to their personal injury cases. We assist our clients with all aspects of personal injury cases, from dealing with insurance companies on our clients’ behalf to negotiating settlements for our clients claims. When cases cannot be resolved outside of court, our personal injury lawyers will take your case before the court, and will fight diligently for the justice that you deserve.

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When you need a personal injury lawyer, trust the professionals at Buford & Gonzalez. We have helped many clients in and around Austin, Texas with seeking the financial compensation that they deserve for their injuries. We are ready and available to help you too. Please reach out to us today.